Each year, when the gliding season slowly awakes and the first Cumulus clouds pop up around early February, everyone gets excited again. Now, you may think to order this new flight computer, all-weather covers or parachute, so you have it just in time for the season. 

You’re not the only one with this idea.

The peak season of every glider manufacturer is January until April, sometimes even May.

Below you will find some guidelines for various brands, so you may better anticipate your purchasing schedules.

Mertens Parachutes: Generally has delivery times of 2-3 months, except during the peak from January-May you can expect 3-6 months delivery times!

All-Weather Covers.
Clouddancers. Can be long depending on the glider type. Generally 4-8 weeks, some uncommon models up to 3 months. During the peak season from January-May expect 3 months minimum.
Customers outside of Europe: please contact us for an accurate shipping quote before placing orders.

LX Navigation Repairs Service.
Please do yourself a favour and regularly switch on your instruments for a few hours, or better: disassemble them and store them away from humidity. If you find yourself in need for a repair, service or upgrade, please find the best timings below:
Summer peak: July-August, expect 3-5 weeks.
Winter peak: December-April, expect 4-8 weeks.

Avoid the stress: order early and be ahead of the queue.